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The $99 Move In Special:
Rounder's Radio is happy to announce an amazingly inexpensive deal for 2011! This move in special is designed to allow any advertiser a chance to get some great coverage on Rounder's Radio even with a tight advertising budget. We know times are tight for many companies and budgets have been cut, but your advertising is not where you want to drop out. In order to get through this rough economy, you need to keep advancing your presence on the web, not lose it!
What's included in the $99 Move In Special?
  • You will receive your 30 second ad in 4 different podcasts.
  • Also included is 6000 468x60 banner impressions and 2000 250x250 banner impressions.
  • All of our advertisers will also be listed on our homepage with a text link.
  • Included in the first month is also production of a 30 second ad if needed.
Now that is a ton of advertising for $99!!
This rate will be guaranteed for the first 10 advertisers and they will be able to lock in that rate and package for the entire year of 2011. Some terms and conditions apply.
Buy Now:
Terms and Conditions:
There are only 2 payment options available. The first and preferred payment method is a PayPal subscription. With this payment method, the advertiser will be set on an auto pay subscription with PayPal for $99 per month. You can cancel at anytime through the PayPal website if you no longer wish to advertise with us. The second option is to buy 6 months in advance. The only way we can keep the prices this low is to keep the amount of time required by our staff to a minimum, so we cannot take the time each month to hunt down payments. If you don't want to make the 6 month commitment, please choose the PayPal subscription option.
In order to keep this rate for the entire year of 2011, you must not have a lapse in your advertising. If you miss a month or are late in renewing, you may not be given this same rate in the future.
We need your banners and radio ads very quickly so we can get your package started as close to the subscription date as possible. If these are not provided in a timely manner, you may miss out on some live radio advertising in the first month but all other services will be given at 100% and all future months will be normal.
If you do not have a radio ad to provide us, we can create one for you and this one time production cost is included in your first month of advertising. We would need a script from you or we would need an outline of the points you wish to promote in your radio ad and we will write a script for you. If in future months you wish to change your radio ad, we can produce a new ad for you at the cost of $25.
In the podcast advertising we will be placing your ads in shows where we have available positions. This could be a pre-roll (the first ad in a podcast), a mid-roll (an ad in the middle of a podcast) or an end-roll (the last advertisement in a podcast). We will do our best to get your ad in different positions as well as in various shows so you get exposure to listeners from more than 1 show.
We will not accept advertising from porn sites, offensive sites, etc. If you are one of these sites, don't bother buying a package, your ads will not make it to the site. We will however accept advertising from poker sites, forums, casinos, sportsbooks, etc.
If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you.

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