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Pumped On Poker 8/15/2007

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Forrest and special guest Co-Hostess SadieAces have a great interview with JJ Liu!

With an intriguing fashion sense and an even greater sense for cards, one might think Liu has been playing poker as long as she has been dressing herself. In fact, the Chinese dynamo only started playing serious poker in 1996. Before then, she was the victim of her brothers’ games.
“When I was a little kid, I played with my brothers. They always beat me up and took my money,‿ she said. “I was crying. I said I am going to beat them.‿
By 1996, Liu had made her first big-time final table in a 1996 World Series of Poker limit hold'em event. After that, Liu never looked back and has accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars in poker winnings.
With more than 40 cash finishes in major tournaments, Liu has proven herself in the poker world. Born in Taiwan and now living in Palo Alto, California, the one-time computer engineer is often the only woman at the poker table. With that in mind, she's gained a lot of experience at besting her male opponents.
“I enjoy beating all the boys. I want to spank their butts,‿ Liu said. “Poker is not lifting weights. Everybody can play. It doesn't matter if you're a man or woman.‿
With a number of goals already met, Liu now has her sights set on winning a World Poker Tour championship. She is currently the only only woman to finish 2nd at a WPT final table.

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