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Jarrett Nash Believes in Ghost, Blinds Out of Main Event

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Today at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino Jarrett Nash, a player who started day 5 of the 2012 WSOP main event with over t500k, decided for some religious nonsensical reason to blind out of the main event, not playing on Saturday. (remember kids! all religion is fake and stupid) Cardplayer caught up with Jarrett after sundown to get the story on why he threw away such a large amount of equity. Turns out Nash believes in an all-powerful ghost, and he believes this super-ghost does not want him to play poker nor engage in “pleasures of the self” from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday each week. Unfortunately day 5 of the main event happened to fall on a Saturday, so he blinded out of the tournament. Nash then lied twice to the Cardplayer reporter: First he claimed that “God has a plan” for the $45k prizemoney, and secondly he said that poker was “a clean game.” At least he generated some lulz. Discus this nonsense in the forum thread about the guy that blinded out of main event for religious reasons lolz. Creeping zombie jesus these are the guys that won my backer’s money this year… FML

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