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Poker Fraud Alert
In this action-packed, lenghty show, we've got plenty of humor, fighting, and abstract craziness, but only a little real poker content. We play clips of Jennifer Harman's terrible new TLC reality series, which starts on December 9. Chico Loco, now working for the Mexican Western Union office of Nueva Huerta, calls up a California gambler who attempted to use Western Union to send $30 in gambling funds to a friend. "Muck Ficon" calls in, and antagonizes "limitles" to call into radio for the first time. The two of them fiercely argue, while limitles explains about his time in rehab. We call Teddy "The Iceman" Monroe, who gives us an update about his life, and Chico Loco joins the conversation to pitch an idea for a charity tournament featuring gang members. Druff gives a brief rundown of the Reid/Kyl online poker legalization bill, and discusses some flaws that have recently been identified. We talk about a "party train" that is likely to run in 2014 between southern California and Las Vegas. Druff shares his final thoughts about last week's Chad Elie interview. We talk about the Full Tilt points situation and whether the DOJ should pay us for them. Jewdonk and badguy23 call in, are put on the phone together, and zaniness ensues. We call up a party line and attempt to hook up. This episode had some technical failures, and might "skip" in a few places.