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It has been a long and painful six months since the US DOJ broke the back of online poker on “Black Friday”. Poker Night Radio and our cast of characters had unfortunately become too closely associated with Full Tilt Poker. Full Tilt was already in litigation over its domain name with the Commonwealth of Kentucky as well being prosecuted for offering and profiting from illegal gambling within the state. We never started out to be a mouth piece for FTP but slowly the ad dollars and very generous poker free rolls during the show had a subtle and powerful impact on the show. To be 100% honest FTP made it so easy to sell out we never really even knew what happened until the DOJ shut down FTP and the money dried up. OUCH!!!

After “Black Friday” we found ourselves in a hurricane of accusations, disassociation, duplicity and outright back stabbing. For example, a former advertiser called every one of our current advertisers, partners, contacts and interview subjects saying we were “Illegal” and “Crooks”. They then went on to say “Oh by the way we have this new product”. This new product of course was a complete rip off of everything the Geeks and Poker Knights had worked to build over 3 years of production and publishing. The last six months or so has had us making a concerted effort to reestablish and reinforce our trusted relationships as well as build newer stronger ones outside of online poker. We believe you will like the fact that your favorite poker geeks have gone back to the basics. We will be producing and broadcasting again very soon about the topics you want to hear about and the two things we love to do. “Playing LIVE poker with our friends” and “Supporting Charity Poker Tournaments”!!!

When and if online poker ever returns to the United States as a completely legal and federally endorsed activity we will of course take those ad dollars.

Until then check out Rob on the “Ed Springston Show”. A local news and politics opinion program competing for the Art Bell, George Noory listenership.

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