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The Great Debate 1/21/08

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Dr. Alan Schoonmaker hosts this debate with special guests John Pappas, President of the Poker Players Alliance and Preston Oade, a Lawyer versed in gaming law. They will be debating the question "Are the proposed federal poker laws good or bad for poker players?" Be sure to tune into this special report exclusively at Rounder's Radio.
John Pappas is the Executive Director of the Poker Players Alliance. Its website is www.pokerplayersalliance.org . He argues that the UIGEA created serious problems for online poker that can be solved or mitigated by new laws such as the ones sponsored by Congressmen Frank and Wexler. 
Incidentally, at their website you can download an article by David Sklansky and Dr. Alan Schoonmaker called, “Poker is good for you.‿ Click on “News‿ and “Positive Aspects of Poker.‿ 
Preston Oade is a distinguished attorney who has tried two constitutional cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, and he has tried many other cases about regulations in other federal courts. He believes that the proposed laws would do more harm than good. 


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